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How do you drive revenue through rich media? Daniel Khabie, CEO of the full-service digital marketing and technology firm Digitaria, recently tackled that question at the Digital Media Innovation Forum 2008, which took place in mid-October at the Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Ariz.

The event attracted a cadre of knowledgeable speakers from innovators in the digital space, including, Fox Interactive Media, Veoh, MTV, Adobe and Amazon Web Services.

Digitaria, a full service digital marketing and technology firm, and International Speedway Corp. (ISC), a leading promoter of motorsports activities and owner/operator of 13 of the nation's major motorsports entertainment facilities, are currently developing 12 new exciting Web sites for each of the ISC track properties. The Web sites will encompass dynamic new fan experiences and will bring almost all five senses of the racing experience to an online venue. With bright colors, the sounds of engines and screaming fans, fast-paced racing action and easy-to-access information and resources at fans’ fingertips, the only thing missing will be the spilled soda on your lap and the rumble of your seat.

In addition to an unparalleled interactive experience featuring rich media and a robust collection of imagery, video and audio content, racing fans will also be able to purchase tickets and plan out their overall race weekend experience.

National and local awards and accolades continue to mount for digital marketing and technology firm Digitaria, which most recently was recognized by the San Diego Business Journal for its impressive year-over-year growth.

According to audited financial statements, Digitaria’s revenue has sky-rocked since 2004. From fiscal year-end 2004 to fiscal year-end 2007, revenue increased by over 300%. Digitaria’s CEO Daniel Khabie said that 2008 should prove to have double-digit revenue growth once again.

Just like the importance of major auto manufacturers implementing alternative-fuel solutions into their newest fleet of cars, San Diego, Calif.-based DriveCam recognized that it needed to kick its Web site up with video, content and social networking applications to better show the world how their driver risk management program can benefit everything from fleets to families.

Enter Digitaria, a full-service digital technology and marketing firm. Digitaria, which has become known as a national and international innovator in the digital arena, stepped up to the plate to guide DriveCam with its recent Web site redesign to make it more user-friendly, technologically advanced and aesthetic than before.

Digitaria, a full-service digital marketing and technology firm, is in demand. Over the past few years, Digitaria has been increasingly attracting high-profile clients like NBC Universal and Qualcomm Inc., and has also gained a reputation for using the most cutting-edge technology and techniques, as well as cultivating experts in the digital industry.

One such expert is Chuck Phillips, Digitaria’s Director of Technology. Recently he was chosen to present at the Amazon Web Services Start-Up Event at the Fowler Museum on the University of California, Los Angeles campus to explain the advantages of using Amazon Web Services for Digitaria’s IT needs.



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