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Career Advice: Manage Your Headline

Shawn Kardell explains the importance of not your "title" but your "headline" Jul 25, 2014

The truth is that we all have an invisible headline floating above our head that our coworkers, bosses and clients can see. It is each person’s perception about us and our capabilities. This headline is the most influential factor in shaping your career. 

Digitaria Welcomes Maggie McQuillan to Strategy Team

An Associate Director of Brand Planning with a Passion for Consumers Experience, Innovation, and Mountain Dew Jun 26, 2014

This past February, Digitaria was invited to share our expertise in digital marketing with a group of students at e3 Civic High School. You can read our first blog post about the program here: Empowering and Inspiring Young Minds


Sports sponsorship was a hot topic at this annual event. 

The future is frozen

May 29, 2014

Associate Creative Director, AJ Scherbring, gives insight into the evolving Minneapolis agency landscape... and it might just be heating up.