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Look how far Microsoft has come. From bashing Apple’s infamous Siri to unending synchronized dance sequences, they have tried it all when it comes to advertising. But I think they finally got it right. 

The good. The bad. The unforgettable. Super Bowl Sunday was made for hot wings and beer… and yes, $4 million commercials. 

Over the weekend, something amazing happened. I’m not talking about Scott Stallings’ victory, or even my attendance at the Farmers Insurance Open, again. I’m talking about how I used my phone during a PGA Open. 

Net Neutrality, Not.

Jan 28, 2014

The recent Supreme Court ruling on net neutrality -- a derivative of the concept that information be impartially transmitted -- stunned those who bear the torch for the freedom of the Internet. 

Welcome to Las Vegas. The land of glitz, glamour and the madness of CES.