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How this man’s bike ride through Baja reminds us why company culture is so important

Meet Luis Sanchez: Quality Assurance Engineer and diehard philanthropist. He’s also the life of the agency here in San Diego, and if anyone can rally a bunch of exhausted people to a Friday Happy Hour, it’s this guy. 

For the last several months, we’ve all found Luis chatting it up with co-workers and telling us time and time again about his passion for biking through Mexico to raise money for three charities he is passionate about. 

What I’ve observed from Luis’ excitement about his project, #Brothersbikebaja, is something more than to his own benefit. It’s something that’s burning through every Digitarian. 

Luis’ efforts embody our company culture as we know it. At the very least, he’s reminding us why we love working here so much.

Doug Hecht, President & COO explains it best: Digitarians are great because they don’t have egos.


Whether it was advice for his trip, content for his website or logos for his T-shirts, Digitarians came together for Luis to make his dream of helping others a reality.  

• Graphic designers, Pauline Capote and Abi Hikima helped design logos for T-Shirts and posters that Luis sold to raise money 

• Dale Clarke, Security Architect helped with the Drupal build 

• Jimmy Ukken, Sr. Search Analyst helped with SEO and his Google sitemap

• Chuck Philips, CTO gave Luis the idea to raise money using 

• Junior Rivera, Associate Visual Designer created and designed artwork for signage and social media images

• Joseph Garcia helped Luis with photography for social

• Erin Goerner, Senior Producer helped him write content for his website

• Jackie Hade, Jr. Copywriter helped Luis with his mission statement and donation emails

• Everyone at Digitaria purchased a T-shirt to help Luis raise money

The excitement that’s come from this event is something greater than Luis’ bike ride through Baja. It’s a reminder to all that we are a family of extremely talented, selfless people. A family that can make anything happen. Luis’ dream is living proof of this. 


• For more #BrothersBikeBaja adventures, check out this video 

• Follow Luis’ journey using this map

• Follow Luis on Twitter @LuisFSanchezJr & Instagram @LuisFSanchezJr2

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