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SXSW 2015 Digi Panel Submissions

Let the voting commence!
By Robin Dybevik , Business Development Associate | @RobinDybevik
Aug 28, 2014

This year for SXSW, Digitaria is looking to raise the bar. We’ve put together five engaging panels sure to bring interesting and dynamic conversations to the conference. From selfies to FitBits, our panel submissions cover it all. And if our presence last year was any indication of how this year’s conference will go, we are sure it will be wildly entertaining. Take a look below at some of our submissions, cast your votes for your favorites and get ready to be inspired. Also, be sure to share on your social networks. #digisxsw


The Selfie Phenomenon: 2015 Digital + Bob Thacker

Both Bob Thacker and Dan Khabie have extensive experience in the advertising life, having worked on iconic brands, founded companies and earned titles of master marketers. Both have seen the marketing and digital landscapes evolve over the years and know the keys to navigating current trends to build lasting digital brands. Together, they will share their experience on creating successful digital campaigns and how to maximize impact on the current landscape.


Digital Activation of Sports Sponsorship

This panel will explore the evolution of sports sponsorships and how the growing importance of digital is changing the role of sponsorship, specifically allowing brands to move into fully integrated activations with a strong social/content component that allows for increased fan engagement, moving beyond a ‘logo branding’ exercise.


Private Eye: Technology is Tracking You, Now What?

In this panel, NPR’s Elise Hu will drive the audience through a conversation with Dr. Amol Sarva, Digitaria’s Dan Khabie and Adidas’ Jon Werner to discuss the future impact of wearables on healthcare, sports and human behavior. Together the group will talk about the movement from just measuring the body to actually changing the body, and how you harness the data to influence specific behaviors, such as athletic performance.


#NoFilter: Pros and Cons of Constant Connection

Since the advent of the Internet, the world as seen an incredible surge in capability and connection that has offered benefits in just about every facet of human life. But we’re only now starting to understand some of the adverse affects of living online. Is what we get worth what we give up? What is the true cost of being connected? These are the conversations we will have with this panel. We will begin to examine how human behavior has evolved in response to technology and both the potential benefits and possible consequences of digital experience.



Beyond The Step

There’s a new social currency in town, due to the surge of quantified self hardware and software, which has taken the early adopter market by storm, ‘ the human “step.” Steps can fuel competition between friends, and it’s definitely fueling competition between companies. Why so much value around the step? Because winning steps means more users, more participation, more data, and that converts into user preference, loyalty and potential revenue.

While many companies are focused on winning steps, there are groups of pioneers defining the future of the space beyond the step. These pioneers are exploring the interests, needs and curiosities humans have at a mental and physical level. From brain sensor monitors to complete 360-degree biometric smartwear, these pioneers are going beyond the step. This panel will offer a unique perspective of the quantified self landscape, and a vision of the future as seen through the eyes of the pioneers on their mission to define “self” with technology.