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Digitaria’s LRA Crisis Tracker Wins “Best in Show” at 2011 MediaPost Creative Media Awards

Groundbreaking mix of old and new technology for humanitarian organization Invisible Children tops strong field
Dec 14, 2011

The LRA Crisis Tracker, a joint project between humanitarian organizations Invisible Children, Resolve and the digital marketing and technology company Digitaria, last night won a pair of Creative Media Awards, including “Best in Show,” at the annual awards ceremony in New York City.  

The awards, in their eighth year, were presented by the marketing trade publication MediaPost, and celebrate the most creative media and marketing campaigns of the past year.

The LRA Crisis Tracker uses the latest mapping and social technology to tip the balance of power against African terrorists, murderers and child kidnappers of the Lord's Resistance Army, led by the convicted war criminal Joseph Kony.  The LRA Crisis Tracker melds older technology with the newest, using a blend of high frequency radios, information aggregating cloud computing software, original mapping technology, websites and social networking tools to both track and chronicle the activities of the guerrilla group, while empowering isolated African communities to share LRA information and puts a bulls-eye on their actions.

During his presentation of the best in show award, Judge Mike Bloxham, executive director of marketing for the Media Behavioral Institute, acknowledged that the judges agreed unanimously on the best in show recipient, saying they had to strip each entry of its cause or product and budget and focus solely on the creativity of the campaign. “Every avenue, every channel that they chose to leverage, needs to be done consistently, coherently and to a very high standard and to reached the audiences they’ve stated in their target,” he pointed out.

Since its launch in late September, LRA Crisis Tracker has become acknowledged as the primary source for information about the activities of the LRA, endorsed and used by the US State Department, a number of NGOs, and other human rights groups. It has received significant media coverage, raised awareness of this under-reported conflict, and established Invisible Children as the experts at the center of the crisis.

“We’ve had a relationship with Invisible Children for nearly a decade and we’re proud to partner with them and Resolve to create this technology, which has changed the paradigm of the conflict and empowered the people of Central Africa,” said Chuck Phillips, Digitaria’s chief technology officer. “Between their passion for bringing the LRA and Joseph Kony to justice and our passion for technology, we’ve been able to produce something revolutionary that can make a real impact on peoples lives.”

Other finalists in the New/Emerging/Experimental Media category included "Greek4Good" for Yoplait Greek by Olson and "The Secret Circle - Witchcraft Print Insert" for The CW Television Network by OMD.

In addition to Best in Show, the LRA Crisis Tracker won in the New/Emerging/Experimental Media category.

San Diego-based Digitaria is a unit of the world’s best known advertising agency brand, JWT.

For video of the awards dinner and a full list of winners, visit The Creative Media Awards. For more information on the LRA Crisis Tracker visit or