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SoDA Pops for Digitaria

Society of Digital Agencies Welcomes JWT Digital Company to Elite Fold
Nov 4, 2012

The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) has admitted digital marketing and technology agency Digitaria, a JWT Company, to its membership.

SoDA is an international association of respected digital marketing agency leaders and entrepreneurs with a history and a vision for the future of marketing. It serves as a voice for digital marketing professionals worldwide, providing infrastructure, processes, and products to enable collaboration between members and with a mission to advance the industry through Best Practices, Education, and Advocacy.

“It’s been a great couple years for Digitaria, and being asked to join SoDA and its group of highly respected digital firms feels like passing another threshold,” said Doug Hecht, Digitaria’s COO and President, who will be the agency’s primary point of contact for the society. “Digitaria is honored to join such an elite group, and we look forward to contributing our unique voice to help propel the modern marketing and communications conversation.”

SoDA is an extremely selective non-profit association of the world’s most preeminent companies with digital DNA. SoDA’s membership includes 60 leading digital companies (including top digital agencies and elite production companies) with offices in 22 countries, across 5 continents, employing over 2,700 digital professionals.

The membership process starts with SoDA’s Regional Membership Committees, who are responsible for the first level of company evaluations.  Their recommendations are then brought to SoDA’s full membership for the final vote, which is then ratified by the SoDA Board of Directors.  Digitaria successfully navigated the selection process from a field of more than 100 companies that had applied for membership since the last election was held in May.

“We’re thrilled to have this class of new members on board and I know that they are all excited about getting involved in the work of our organization.  I believe the C-level members from these companies, as well as their representatives within SoDA’s 15+ peer collaboration groups (i.e., heads of agency disciplines such as Creative, Account Planning/Strategy and Analytics, among others), will add tremendous value and further diversify the range of perspectives and opinions voiced through our programs, events and communications.”